The Power of Now – by Eckhart Tolle

Date read: 05/2022 My rating: 10/10 – one of the best books I’ve read My Notes We are not our mind Our being and our mind are two different things. Begin constantly identified and controlled by our mind prevents us to fully enjoy and live the moment. Mind is a great tool to solve problems, but it’s bad to be […]

WebM video player library

Introduction I’m releasing another of my free time projects – C++ library able to play WebM videos and supports decoding of the audio track. Features: optimized (see Implementing into Unity plugin and example project) able to smoothly play 1080p @ 60fps decodes audio track provides decoded YUV texture and PCM audio data Internally, the library uses following dependencies: libwebm libvorbis […]

Dota 2 ping tool

I wrote a simple tool that checks ping to Dota 2 servers and displays it in a graph. Features You can select any server and a nice graph with pings starts to fill. Using this tool you can watch your ping for a longer period before you enter a match. Having a green graph without packet loss means your connection […]

Teamwork Sharp

I’m releasing my another small free-time project: a Teamwork C# library (-inofficial-). What is Teamwork? Teamwork is a project/task-management software, something like Redmine, Jira, Trello, FogBugz and others. Teamwork project can be controlled using their public web API, which this library uses. Library features My library supports following features: creating task: set assignee set watchers upload files set priority creating […]

WebM video player with audio support (C++)

Some time ago I was looking for a simple video player library¬† written in C++, that would be free, multi-threaded, supporting audio and it would not be Ogg Theora :). I could not find anything useful. There is Bink, which is great, but paid (and expensive). Codecs like h.264 have not very friendly licenses or come with various restrictions (openh264). […]

Conditional Attributes

Some of our public variables logically depends on the value of others. When some variable is unchecked (false), other variable has no meaning. For example: Player class containing canJump boolean with jumpHeight float. We don’t have to display jumpHeight when Player canJump is false etc… Even if these variables can be grouped by Header, they are still there and visible. […]

Absolute value functions performance

Recently, when I was working on a code that needed to compute float absolute value on a large array of numbers, I have to decide which function to use. Here is simple test done on an array of 10000000 float numbers that shows that using custom simple template code is actually the fastest solution (except using SSE – see bottom […]