Dota 2 ping tool

Dota 2 ping tool

I wrote a simple tool that checks ping to Dota 2 servers and displays it in a graph.



You can select any server and a nice graph with pings starts to fill. Using this tool you can watch your ping for a longer period before you enter a match. Having a green graph without packet loss means your connection is stable.

You can ping multiple servers at once, or you can Pause the update and observe the nice graph you got.


Dota can already display ping in the main menu. So why have I created this tool?

  • Checking ping in main menu can be done only once per few seconds
  • You must always press Refresh button to check for ping again
  • High-ping spikes can be skipped and not detected
  • I could not play because of high ping and packet loss, so I decided to improve my Python skills 🙂

Source code

Available on my GitHub:

To run the code you will need:

Compiled binary

You can download Windows binary version from here.